Pet Photography

I love photographing animals in their natural habitat.  You can really learn a lot from them by simply watching them roam.   We offer photo shoots at your location with your pet's familiar surroundings to comfort them. 

With the passing of our 11 year old Weimaraner, Misty - photography has taken a new meaning in my heart.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy sweet memories of their pets as I do.  I have been a real estate photographer by trade for 11 years and pet photographer by hobby for 8 years.  No two pets are alike - just like families!  Some like to sit and stare while others prefer to chew on shoes and drool in your lap.  No matter the circumstance I want to help bring the memory to snapshot.

Keeping your animals company while you are away

No matter the occasion: New family member, special occasion or memorial we are ready for the project.  We will do indoor or outdoor; rain or shine.  

We will travel within 30 miles of Clackamas for a photography session.  We operate in most weather conditions so if you are looking for an eerie fog lined fall morning backdrop or a warm sunny spring bloom we've got you covered!